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Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
This was a few years back, and they treated me like i was a stupid kid that didn't matter. I'm never going back.
Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
I'm ashamed to say that it was an underglow neon light .... oh to be young and foolish lol

I genuinely LOL'd.

edit with something constructive:
Autovation: good
Apple Auto near Lincoln Fields: good
Duss: good work, total dillweed to deal with
Ottos: you have to be on them like a spider on a fly to get your work done and parts correct, but generally acceptable. Jules knows the whole story with everything, so if you have a problem, see him.

I will not list the places that suck because it will just start more drama. But basically it comes down to this.. find a shop that will:

1. give you a quote
2. make the time to explain the quote
3. make the time to work on your car as expected
4. consult you when changes to the quote need to happen
5. don't eff things up in the meantime

It seems that those 5 things are impossible to achieve; I've never had a 100% positive experience, anywhere, period. I must be hard to please.

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