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I get the same kind of attitude when people find out I work at shop... "so thats how you can afford it"
THe truth is if my dad didn't own a euro repair shop I would have never bought my 6er...when I bought it, it was wreck the front end was touching the engine and the left rear was smacked.
The only reason I bought it is because I knew it could be fixed.
And for the price I bought the car 2000 I knew I had a good deal.

The car was road worthy 2months later but then I got dusted by a v6 accord and thats why I spent 7000 plus (stopped counting after 7 g's ) to insure no rice will ever pull a stunt like that again.

I have nothing against "kids" with rich parents, just as long as they know the value of money....or they let me spank on their dads rides once in a while
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