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Jon: Realistically I predict the cruise will take 6 - 7 hours to complete. Therefore average speed will be 61.53 kph

BMW_7: None of the organizers will be going more than 10 - 15 km over the limit. I plan to keep the speeds down by giving out the maps as the cruise progresses.

Koncise: It has been my experience that we will need to pull over occasionally to allow the back of the pack to catch up . However, the front 20 cars will be slowing down to a crawl and then pulling over to allow the rest of the pack to overcome red lights and stuff. We did this at last year's Autumn Cruise and I don't remember anyone complaining of stone chips or any damage at all for that matter.

Passes Koncise a kleenex... you still in?

Speeders: If you want to set a high speed personal best then organize your own cruise. I plan on setting my personal best at the track. If history repeats itself there could be up to 1.6 MILLION dollars worth of bimmers at this cruise. No one want to see a show-off.

All: The last thing I want is a member in the hospital or worse the morgue. So the cruise will be a cruise... not a race.

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