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Going List:

SpudBoy - Orgasimser (Whorganizing)
openwheel - Organizer
openwheel's girl friend - since there's shopping I'll confirm on her behalf...
Slowered318 - confirmed (even if blondes are begging)
bmwm5lover - loves it, has SARS (the 24 hour kind).
burnhard22 - probable
SOLDOMATIC 325i - Keven needs a day off.
ChrisTO - Confirmed, loves Victoria road 35.
D J Contra: Confirmed to blow serious WHP
E46_lover - maybe, yea right
1BADBMW - sounds great
Rost12 - cruise or bust!
Koncise- Worried about "unpaved surfaces"
bimmerpwr- "Schweet" - he's confirmed.
Quack- sporting a 5'er packed with friends
Tlaselva- Cruis'in the Zohhhhhhhhhh6 - confirmed 12 second car/driver.
Zimmie- Confirmed.

I'll be posting final details shortly.

All roads are confirmed to be paved. All shoulders are not .

Lunch will be at the Kirkfield Lift Lock. This was a fantastic perch for you cam/video freaks.

Bimmersnake will invade Fenlon Falls for a quick, one hour shop/look around stimulating the local economy.

To be honest, the first hour will be somewhat hoe/hum. But the roads and views just keep getting better and better as the cruise progresses. One of my fellow organizers admitted hitting 195 kph on a recent recon mission.

Road Surface Ratio = 0.00625

Cruise length = 400 km
Rough Road Ahead = 2.5 km
Sweepers = 40 km estimated
Stone Chip on the coupe so far = 0
Radar Traps observed = 0.00 (I've personally covered over 1300 km reconoitering the route and I've yet to see any radar at all).

BMW_7: I will distribute maps of various resolutions at Bimmercruise and DURING the cruise. The basic route has already been posted.

Hope to see you there!

'99 M Coupe - Imola/Imola
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