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hmmm...i think a reckon day up through 507 is in order. i've never been through there...but it's suppose to be superb.

(cough cough) (ack...blech...cough...sniffle) i think i'm coming down with a serious cold or something.

must get out of the polluted city...

what's that sound i hear? oh..just my tires running low on tread.

SpudBoy - how about updating your going list in the first post of this thread so you don't clog your own thread with who is in. i think you can edit your own post so you can add and delete names at will in the first entry of this thread. Just a thought.

and one last thing...check out road hugs the east side of Lake Scugog...also very fine road. i think it connects with 35 just south of Lindsay. it'll make for a more interesting drive back to TO instead of straight road 35 south to hwy 7.

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