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Re: This is getting embarrassing

Originally posted by R_JAY
Every time I slow down or come to a stop my brakes squeel like mad. I recently switched from Pagid (too much dust) to PBR. I took the pads out today and applied the stop squeel grease but that didn't help. I need to know what pads you guys are using that gives the best of both worlds (no dust no squeel). Thanks.

P.s. I would have posted this in the maintanence section but it seems like no one ever looks there.
hehehe, sorry to hear man, that is by far the worst sound in the world, i'm in the process of going from PBR's (AMAZING pads, NO dust, but chew the SHITT outta my rotors!!) to PAGID (i'm in the process of putting them on). Are the pagid REALLY that dusty?? I guess if the rim is black it'll help! But how are the pagids on stopping?!
But ya, your in a tough spot, because from my experience with EBC the pads wear out REALLLLLLLL quick (depending on the driving you do, but HARD DRIVING = ). So your main chocie is basically, FAST rotor wear (PBR), DUST (Pagid), OR fast pad wear (EBC), i guess you COULD try experimenting with a different pad at each corner and see the outcome!
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