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Car died at lights...

Ill make this as quick as possible...

Stopped at red light... Green light started to gas and engine stalled out and would not restart. Checked fuses, plugs, vac lines.. Anything i cohld think of. A buddy of mine came to help too. We thought at the time that we were getting enough fuel from the smell from checking the plugs and turning it over without the coils on the plugs...

We thought maybe something with the piggy back... So picked up my spare ecu.. Same crap.

Sent out a text to a few e30 buds.. Bullet ride just paid me back lol

It ended up being the fuel pump.. He told me to hit it a few times then try... And sure enough she started right up!


So.. I guess im in the market for a new fuel pump.. Should i keep it stock or upgrade?

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