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That's actually incorrect. XM is cheaper than SIRIUS with fewer stations and has commercials. SIRIUS is commercial free with the same number of channels (XM has 101, SIRIUS has 100). The programming is not exactly the same between the two...just depends on your music preferences I guess. Both companies are fiercely battling for market supremicy right now, so who knows who will end up on top. XM just hit 1,000,000 subscribers while SIRIUS is at 200,000, but that is because of thier respective alliances with car makers. XM is signed on with GM so they've been able to penetrate further so far. SIRUIS has recently signed on with BMW and Mercedes (amongst others), so we'll be seeing more of them in the future in that end of the market. I believe SIRIUS had some cash flow issues earlier this year, but they've made some moves to improve, and they're doing much better now. In my opinion, they're pretty close, but I'm leaning towards SIRIUS because they're commercial free, I prefer their programming, and they're now affiliated with BMW. Hopefully they can bypass the fed regulations to get this stuff up here soon.
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