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it can be driven as a daily driver with the proper set of snow tires and a soft foot your good to go. When your picking up tires you can get tires that you can get perfermance in wet and dry roads. If you need winter tires let me know I have some for sale. hehe The M Coupe's suspension is not that harsh it's very drivable... I've driven mine from Jan to April in the winter! everyday averaging 40km a day heh

Btw, you should consider that cars should be driven a maximum of 24,000km to retain some kind of value in the future if your selling it. Otherwise you don't have to worry about km if your keeping it. The M Coupe's engine is the same as the e36 M3, my last car the a e36 m3 I drove it everyday for 7 months averaging 130km per day so in the end I only did the oil changes and inspection I and it's still good to go. From 68 to 99,600 heh
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