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I wouldn't trust the dealer just yet

Take out the trim panel on the left side of the trunk (you just need to push the button on the top and the panel will pop out). Look for any loose connectors in that area. You should have a couple of 6 pin and a couple of coax looking connectors (you might also have a 3 pin and a 6pin connector). Look around the amp area for a Velcro "sock".

What kind of wires do you have under the arm rest? 3pin connection and a coax, or a 3 pin and a 6pin?

The armrest connectors are for the CD changer and should work with DICE/GROM without any problems (at least in theory) .

Originally Posted by Swatter View Post
My dealer ran my VIN and informed me my X3 is not pre-wired for satellite radio. Satellite radio is not that big of a deal for me, but ipod connectivity is.

I do have DSP, and that seems to be a sticking point with many of the after-market ipod connectivity kits. I checked under the bin in my centre console, and there are wires for a cd changer. They were not even buried. When I check the DICE website, it ony lists direct wire FM adapters as being compatible with model year 2010. Its too bad, because the DICE Duo system looks like it is really easy to install, and gives you complete control over your ipod from the vehicle controls. I don't know what changed from 2009 to 2010 to make the DICE unit incompatible. KIRASIR has mentioned Gromaudio as an alternative. Any other suggestions? Has anyone installed the DICE system in a 2010?

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