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Major Roadtrip... - Feeler.

Lakeside Backroads of Ontario Roadtrip

Date: Unspecified, August 2007, A saturday

Starting location: Tim Hortons, Beamsville.
Finishing location: Starbucks, Collingwood.


1) Safety: See Itemlist
2) Speed: Not a race! Ample time has been given to make the target times.
3) Cost: Bring a friend to share the cost, when we get to the beach the more people the better. Girls & bikini's are great... Bring some. KEEP READING for tips to save $$$.


MAP of Ontario, Spare coolant 4L, spare oil 1L, toolset, flashlight, jack,
spare tire, cell and/or frs phone, blanket, bringing your own snacks and
non-alcoholic drinks will save you $$$, duct tape (LOL), fuses, ANYTHING else
you can't live without.


An endurance roadtrip, the goal of which is to see a little bit of the province that we never see, and take some smaller roads we usually avoid. This will not be a racing event, we will assemble at the end of each leg to make sure everyone makes it. If someone decides to drop out, or if they are not able to make the destination for the targeted time, they should notify someone else by cell or frs. General directions will be given at the meet place (timmies) Beamsville, however you are free to choose any road you see fit, as long as you keep to schedule. Traveling in a group would be much nicer though... LOL. Some roads may be unpassable without notice, in this case an alternate route will be found. I can't stess enough... Have a car that is reliable, I suggest fresh coolant hoses, and a basic tuneup before coming out, a full size spare is also recommended.

Plenty of time has been set aside during some legs, I suggest using that time to relax or enjoy places you see along the way. A little research beforehand might be good so you know what's out there to explore. Pacing yourself and not burning too much rubber = less $$$.

The stayover I have loosely chosen is in the small town of Grand Bend, Have you been there? Out of the way it should be cheap, I will call at some point for estimates. There are perhaps 3 or 4 places to stay in the area. Anyone bringing a tent could camp out for free someplace i'm sure! Reducing the $$$ of the trip.

Sauble Beach should be packed and full of bodies to look at. Looks like a real fun place and I've never seen it. I've allocated around 4 hours time for lunch and play at Sauble Beach.

Legs of the Trip (by day):

Day 1 (meet Ontario st, Beamsville, tim hortons) Meet at lunch (depart 1pm)

Leg 1 Beamsville to Port Dover Target 2-2:30pm 93km
Leg 2 Port Dover to Port Stanley (dinner) Target 6pm-7pm 116km
Leg 3 Port Stanley to Grand Bend (stayover) Target 9:30-10pm 118km

Day 2 (depart at 10am)

leg 1 Bluewater Motel Grand Bend to Kincardine Target 11-11:30am 101km
leg 2 Kincardine to Sauble Beach (lunch & Beach)Target 1:30-2pm 66km
leg 3 Sauble Beach to Collingwood Starbucks Target 7pm 93km

Trip Wraps up at Starbucks in Collingwood, some of us will have quite a far drive to get back home. This makes the trip more fair, starting south of toronto, and finishing north of toronto.

8pm End of Trip

Total Distance 587km

Expense Estimate Low High Avg.

2 lunch 15 30 23
2 dinner 20 40 30
1 breakfast 6 12 9
1 stayover 50 70 60

gas 50L to 82L @ 1.04 52 85 69
50L to 82L @ 1.14 57 94 76

Total Roadtrip Cost 143$ 246$ 195$

Roadtrip average cost: 1 car 1 person = 195$
Gas only average: = 73$
Gas and Room = 133$

Therefore we are looking at nearly 600km+ over 2 days, finishing in Collingwood, Ontario. Additional expense to and from the start and finish points would be possibly 1 to 2.5 hours of drive time depending where you come from. Add 14 to 35 litres of fuel for transit to and from start and finish.

Transit cost 14 to 35L @1.04 = 15$ - 36$
@1.14 = 16$ - 40$

Total Cost, low: 158$ high: 286$

What do you guys think? please post suggestions.

InfiniteDice.... Mike.
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