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well i got the orange bulbs in already so i'll try to get used to it for a week or so then see how it goes.

btw the cop told me go down to dixie road there is a dealership there and check out the bulbs they put in the cars as if i didn't know.

well i'm gonna book a court date and see what happenes then.

btw this is from the link slemmer posted. my ticket says sec 142 (6)

Q. Are white turn indicator lights legal?

Sec 142(6) Highway Traffic Act- "Mechanical or electrical signal device shall clearly indicate the intention to
turn, shall be visible and understandable during day-time and night-time from the front and rear of the vehicle
for a distance of 30m"
Many of the after market lights blend too much with the white headlights, making it difficult for other drivers
to clearly know the intention to turn. The only colour allowed to the rear is red.
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