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Originally posted by Autotechnica
That's true, very valid points. However, I was debating what gives the right for American's to have full control over this situation? But like you said, if Saddam is as unstable as you say he is, then someone needs to take control. But I dont' see an end to this, once you take everything away from Saddam he will just become even more ruthless and possibly become a terrorest himself.

Ok, what Im saying is that Sadam is not stable and he must be stopped. Now what is wrong with the states is that they are going in for all the wrong reasons. Profit and nothing else. Now if they went in for the reasons they actually say they are, then they would have a little more support from me, but they dont. America kills for the persuit of profit. But americans are morons, there is a virtually untapped billion dollar industry in the "energy saving" market that still remains untapped. If they got their heads together they wouldn't even need any oil ever. I mean if they could duplicate the type of energy created in the sun, Toronto could be run on the energy in a glass of water for a year!
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