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hi guys... anybody still following (or remember) this post? heres an update on my situation. im still listening for advise if you have any. thnx...

i submitted lots of ads from usedvancouver, craigslist... and icbc bumped up their offer by $200 bucks! its now at $1600.

i was driving along the highway two weeks ago and all of a sudden it felt like a flat (on the impacted wheel). when i pulled into the next petrol station, the tyre looked like it was growing a tumour. when i returned with the spare, the tumour was gone and i drove it home like i the car was on ice skates. this expensive cab ride to fetch my spare i didnt need cost $80 and icbc said they would not cover it b/c if this was related to the original accident, something would have come up already. my positions is that since the accident, ive only driven the car perhaps 200kms.

my plan now is to counter offer icbc and insist on re-imbursement for that cab ride, retention of the speakers and the stereo, plus another $200 so that the final payout is as close to $2000 as possible.

im asking that much b/c inaddition to mine being one of the rare eta's... 'ive also been suffering from the inconvenience of driving a car i dont have confidence in.' i figure the only weakness is that my car has high mileage but again... that high mileage (400k) is with a rebuilt engine at 250k and the body plus frame is in very good condition.

the adjuster told me if i could go get my cars worth in writing from a dealer, they would definitely increase their offer to be more reflective.

if i do that... will the dealer
a) laugh at me
b) charge me more than its worth to do this?
razzor above said it would cost 100 but i have a feeling these things cost more.

advise, comments?
~thnx guys...

for tonight... is it the usual go canada go? or is it go germany?
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