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Originally Posted by ///Maluco View Post
I've seen M635csi's here in Canada. They didn't have the motorsport motor though. The motors were 3.5ltr. M30's. It was mainly cosmetic and had an upgraded suspension (probably the same as M6). The ad is still correct. I does have the appearance of the M6, but it doesn't have the engine.
That one has the BBS RS wheels that are more valuable than the M6 wheels. Those alone are worth almost 2g's if in great shape.

The M6's however were a different story. The earlier versions had M88 motors and the later e24 M6's had S38's.
You're wrong. All M6 had S38B35!!!
However European M635CSI had M88/3
There are almost the same engines, except few small details.
For all time in Canada were sold 135 M6.
All M635CSI were made exclusively for Europe!
So I think the cars that you've seen before probably were regular 635CSI, but someone just put "M"
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