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Thank you vincenthclam!
So, let me give some information about the suspension as well as the brakes.
22mm front and rear sway bars. All bushings including the motor and diff are poly.
Reinforced front and rear trailing arms. Shortened Tii struts sleeved with hypercoil springs and bilstein shocks paired with camber kits. Rear carrera sleeved shocks with Carrera springs.
As for brakes, it has Tii brake booster and master cylinder. The front brakes are vented 323i disks on tii hubs, paired with e12 four piston calipers. Rear disk conversion includes machined tii hubs with vw mk4 rear calipers, mk1 gti front rotors with wilwood bias valve mounted on the dash. All stainless braided hoses. Oh and E21 handbrake cables

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