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That woman is a grandmother?

Yes she is. she has 2 grand daughters. one is going to be 2 in Feb (my daughter) and my neice is 6.

and the CRX story. It was a big chunk of shit. upper ball joint on the drivers side let go while I was going home to get something to take back to the hospital. the threads stripped, so I superglued a crossthreaded offsize nut on there and sold the car before it let go again.

LOL! I love how yall are getting a kick out of that site. I got plenty more stuff. Why would you only post the video of the Fiat? I got one of the MG, and a few others of me street racing back in those days. I got tons of shit. Like I said, you wanna know something, you know where to find me.

I forgot to address the headlight gap question.... Not a damn thing. its just a gap. its just another heat escape area. wait till I do the exhaust setup for the new motor, and you will ask about the hood, the fenders, and a few other thing. The car looks like it does all for a reason.

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