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Guys, I'm trying to deal with my ticket as well. AFAIK they won't let me go to court except there (in Bracebridge for me).

Anyone know if it's possible to ask for compensation once you win in court (for ex. gas $$)? This is the only thing I'm worried about: I have found the law, it clearly says all licenses (including temporary) are extended so they will clearly eat shit. Also spoke to the MTO and they agreed.

What pisses me off is he looked at my license, asked me if I know it's expired, I said yup, can't take the test and he said ok as if everything's fine. Then he comes back with a I never had a chance to explain that my test date was actually booked during the strike and that they temporarily extended it until that date. After he gave me the ticket, he wouldn't listen to me. Then I remembered I actually had the temp license on me but I didn't want that taken away too so I kept it to myself. I suppose it was my mistake to not give that to him in the first place though... It's just his initial reaction led me to believe everything's fine.

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