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hey i found a body repair website and they sell some good looking/sounding products.

Im thinking that I should cut off the exposed rust then clean the inside as best as i can with the wire brush then spray the picklex on it following the instructions then spraying on the epoxy primer. Then get the new piece of sheet metal MIG welded in and respray with epoxy primer then body fill. For the trunk area I was think to go with metal bonding instead of welding not sure though.
or if the rust is cleaned properly using those products could i just use fiberglass and body filler.
if i could help with the subframe i was thinking to clean it with a wire brush then spray the picklex on it then epoxy primer then a coat of black zero-rust. doing this myself would save me the 500-1000 i dont have

What do you guys think?
- 1991 BMW 318is M42
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