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Originally Posted by Irishace View Post
Yep I know, I am just working on RTs for the "competitive" aspect of the drag race. The drag radials will dramitically help the 60" times. What is basically understood is that .1 of a second off a 60" time equates to .2 off your 1/4 mile ET.
This is basically true to a point and will be true at your range.

From experience when I switched from the stock tire to a 17 inch DR my 60 ft went from 2.1 to 1.9 and did knock off just over .3 off my time. Even as I added power the 1.9 held consistantly ( from 330rw-500rw ). Now in order to get my 3300 pd car into the 11's it took around 120+ mph. So for you at 12.5 with a 2.0 at 117 you could very well hit around 12.20's with the DR's. To hit 11's you may have to look elsewhere besides simply adding power as you are already pushing the stock motor with 18 psi. If 11's would = win for you try looking at gear ratio, suspension set up or lightening the car. Otherwise I dont see 11's happening just yet. Also not sure youd ever want to go with anything but a DR, I wouldnt give your IRS long on a set of true slicks. I being in a mustang had the live axle, upgraded splines and an eaton air locking diff so wasnt too concerned but the IRS is def a small set back on launch.

The only complaint I had with my DR's was wet weather, it can get a little interesting in pouring rain if youre too heavy with your foot. GL

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