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EMPOWERD - easy to do. losing weight is much less difficult than bodybuilding. it's more what you eat, and how you eat it that matters. a good thermogenic such as Ephedrine stacked with Aspirin and Caffeine will bring you down around 20LB. Some Clenbuterol will help too. Basic rules:

1) light/medium (not hard) Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach.
2) no meals 3 hours prior to bed
3) coffee before every meal. grapefruit or grapefruit juice (1 serving) during / after every meal.
4) your workouts should be primarilly cardio... don't waste time doing crazy ab-workouts because you want to trim your waist... do overall cardio and your waist will thin too.
5) small meals.. approx 6-8 meals/snacks. never eat until you're stuffed. it will be hard the first week, you'll feel hungry but your body will soon adjust.

Before going any more in depth.. what's your height / weight / body fat % / age / current diet like? How do you feel about using supplements or drugs?


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