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Okay, well I've suddenly received a flood of PM's regarding bodybuilding... sorry to those who I haven't replied to as of yet.

It looks like everyone wants to start bulking up starting October 1st... so I figured I'll start a thread about this.

Myself, I've lost an insane amount of weight these past months... primarilly due to surgery and attempting to recover. Ask anyone who has seen me this year and they'll tell you just how scrawny I got. Only 210LB @ 6'1".

Well, that changes this winter... I'm bulking back up to 240LB again. It was a very good weight for me. (in my avatar I'm around 230LB). When I begin my bulking phase I will post progress updates on here... I hope everyone else does the same. I'm still working on my meal plan and my weightlifting regimen... when it's done, I'll post it all up.

Bodybuilding is a mindset you get into, having others around you encouraging you and seeing progress around you is highly motivational. That's what this thread is for.

Anyone else looking to get big this winter? ... Post your stats, what your goals are, and your questions. We can all help one another out. I don't care whether you plan on bodybuilding naturally or with supplements or with drugs... it's all love, I don't want anyone knocking others down for the path they choose to take. Feel free to ask real questions, and expect real answers. I don't want this thread turning into a flame war.


p.s. i sell supplements and things of that nature at discounted prices for anyone who cares to save a couple bucks.

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