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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
I wouldn't be worried about the 10K repair, I would be worried about the lies that you are being fed.
It doesn't take much to rack up 10K these days on cars, body shops are raping the insurance companies for every penny they can.
I bet you it went like this;
Bumper + Painte ~2-2500$
Misc clips/plastic trim 5-700$
Front Foglights (if equipped) 5-600$ plus install?
AC Condenser/Radiator? etc 1000-1500 plus install?
Storage fees (while the insurance guy finds time to go see it) $4-500?
Bumper grills? 100-200?
Any other BS shit those guys decide to charge $$???

My co-worker bumped someone from the back with his escape.
The car needed bumper, fogs, some misc trim and a grill. He drove it for 2 weeks after the accident before dropping it off to get repaired.

They replaced the WHOLE FRONT END!!! Hood, grill, radiator, Ac condencer, rad support, headlights, etc etc etc.... To make a quick buck.

If you really like the car, can get it for a decent price, etc, get it PPI'd and leave a few bucks in your pocket. I'd rather know a car was repaired properly (since 90% of cars are in some sort of a collision over their life), then some cars with clean carproof that have been pieced together at the back of a driveway somewhere.
Excellent point and well laid out. I guess you have to consider every side of the story and in this case a lot of repair shops are just trying to take advantage of the system and make a quick buck
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