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97' 528i auto. tranny problem

Im hoping that one of you here can help me find out wat is actully making it act like this or wat could be the cause of this problem.

It seems that My 97 E39 is having problem shifting, in or out of the first two gears. its a automatic tranny with NO steptronic. when i drive the car fast (not really fast 3000-3500rpm) it takes it about 1.5-2sec b4 it shifts up to the second gear, after that its fine. And when im breaking (making a complete stop) the car always downshifts so when it is shifting in to 2nd gear it has that 2sec gap. Same thing when it shifts into the first, and by that time the car has already stoped moving, therefore the shift to 1st grear kinda makes the car jump a lil (as if you pop the clutch in manual tranny when the breaks are applied).

I would appricate it if someone can tell me wat may be happening to the tranny, y is it doing that, and wat will it take to fix it.
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