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Rear Wheels Seized

Hey everyone, I am new to this forum and would like to thank everyone in advance for any advice that they can give me. Ok well I bought a 2002 bmw 325i a few months ago and was driving it around for a couple weeks, had it all checked out and it is in perfect shape certified and e-tested. I parked it about a month ago while I was selling my old car and now I have some issues. My rear wheels seem to be seized, I start it up and put it in gear (automatic) and the car rolls about an inch and sort of rears up if you understand what I mean, I found this thread,, and the individual seems to be having the same problem however for some reason my e-brake light is on in yellow as well and goes red if I apply the break. Also the light that idicates that the traction control is off is on as well in yellow. Any thoughts on how I should proceed, I am just rather taken aback at how being parked for a month can cause so many issues.
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