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Honestly, here's my view

i wear jeans that are CLEAN. name brand shit usually (i honestly belive its slightly better made) but never designer shit.
furthermore, CLEAN = NO HOLES. Im not saying they can't look good on some people. tight jeans with holes in em got a whole gino thing going, which aint really me. for brands i stick with:
-ralph lauren (at least 80% of my jeans are RL)
-CK (like 1 pair)
-hilfiger (got lucky i guess, they're usually too baggy)

even some companies you wouldn't think have decent jeans, ecko jeans are probably the only mark echo product i'd ever wear.

but honestly, that's just an opinion thing. I like wearing clean blue jeans and a polo shirt, just how i dress. Im not going to rant on people who dress differently, but i wouldn't feel comfortable wearing anything torn/worn/ripped.
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