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Great write up!

Just a couple of additional things that I do:

1. Get fogging oil from Canadian Tire and fog the engine, this coats the inside and prevents rust inside the engine.
2. If you get wind and snow blowing into the garage when its open like I do (two car, single door), take the vapor barrior and tape it along the bumper with electrical tape (electrical tape because the glue rubs off easy) this keeps the moisture from getting under the car and seizing your breaks (ask me how I know)
3. Fill your tank all the way up it prevents condensation inside that would lead to rust but like in the above list use stabelizer.
4. I leave my car on its suspention, not jack stands, it was designed to be on it.
5. Change your rims and tires to somthing you dont care to much about if you can. Either way, fill them to almost there max pressure, this will prevent flat spots, just remember when you drive it the first time to take some of that air out.

Every year it starts up like it was never stored.
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