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Originally Posted by BMe30 View Post
Im going to try after i install the new sensor and retune the car for fuel.

May be a while before i cross that bridge though. I have a feeling that it won't work but i just thought of something that just might work. Its a little far fetched but never know till you try.

Ill explain later.

I tried a few months ago to run the engine without the AFM, just using the TPS. Actually when I installed the ITBs and opened them simultaneously the stock TB with the TPS ( using both hands, one opens the stock TB which is not installed, the other hand opening the installed ITBs) and the enginge could run. I would say that it was a very nice running, but I used the stock chip and ecu, so nothing tuned.
Just I didn't have the ostrich then, so I was just making an experiment.
I think it could run... try it! I will try it again after a month or so when I have time for that.
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