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Originally Posted by careless7 View Post
The styling took a while but I'm really warming up to it. What you have to understand every single piece or shape on the MP4-12C has a purpose and this is what McLaren engineers came up with. The rolling chassis inside I think is where I'm impressed the most. That hydraulic system up front for example is pure genius, the structure is intense.

Checking out the ones in the service bay on the lifts was more interesting than looking at the skin.

I'll be track testing it at Mosport and I'm sure I'll care even less about the styling then.
I didn't say I don't like the styling, not do I fail to appreciate how impressive it is as an engineering achievement, or how quick it must be. But that doesn't make it automatically cool. It's the definition of a Ron Dennis brainchild - clean and by the numbers.

An example of what I mean is the Gen 1 GTS Viper. I know it's a piece of crap of a car, I don't give half a shit, it's BADASS.

And frankly, since none of these types of cars will ever see 80% of their performance envelope (unless it's part of being fanboied into a tree), it seems to make more sense for a OMGLOOKATME car to be badass at first glance, rather than needing to read the manual to find out.

Not that it matters what I think since I'll never be able to afford it but to me, the mind-blowing part of that dealership is the MP4/5. I don't know how many of these cars exist in the world but this is probably the only one you can casually stroll in and gawk at. I stood there for a good 5 min looking into the cockpit, taking back every pussy thing I ever said about Prost...
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