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FS: Fuel Filters (various cars)

German Mechanics is selling out our stock in Fuel Filters. These are manufactured (literally) in the same factory that OEM BMW filters are made in.
These are basically re-labled OEM Air Filters for a fraction of the price. This is what makes us @GeMc so great!.. OEM quality for a discounted price.

$15.00/ea (discounts available for quantity purchases)
Fitments: OEM#13 32 1 740 985
E36> 3-Series ('95-'98) 1.8L/1.9L/2.0L/2.5L/3.0L/3.2L
E36/7/8 Z3 ('96-'00) 1.9L/2.5L/2.8L/3.2L
E46> 3-Series ('99-'00) 2.5L/2.8L
E34> 5-Series ('94-'95) 3.0L/4.0L V8s
E39> 5-Series ('97-'00) 2.8L/4.4L
E38> 7-Series ('94-'01) 4.0L/4.4L/5.4L
E31> 8-Series ('95-'97) 4.0L/4.4L

$10.00/ea (discounts available for quantity purchases)
Fitments: OEM#13 32 1 270 038
E30> 3-Series ('84-'91) 1.8L/2.0L/2.5L/2.7L
E12> 5-Series ('79-'88) 2.8L
E28> 5-Series ('82-'88) 2.7L/3.2L/3.5L
E34> 5-Series ('89-'95) 2.5L
E24> 6-Series ('79-'88) 3.2L/3.5L
E23> 7-Series ('79-'84) 3.2L
E32> 7-Series ('85-'92) 3.5L


German Mechanics
2530 Speers Rd #5
Oakville, ON Canada
(905) 286-4362
Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

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