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Originally Posted by magnus View Post
Thats not right. You can drive any manual just as economic or even better as long as you know how to drive. On top of that no full automatic can much a manual on an uphill twisty road and further more you can use gears to even slow down hence saving on your brakes.
Semi autos are almost as good but still have some way to go. Proof is the new evo that sucks launching in semi auto versions is almost as good on a track as the manual but if you upgrade power beind a point it sucks ass.
Face it autos are only there for 3 main reasons. People are getting lazier, they cant drive and traffic is increasing therefore making an auto the sensible choice(and this is the only reason i would buy an auto)
I'm not sure what ur trying to say, sounds like you disagree with me but agree at some points. The Mythbusters said that manual is better for fuel ecnomoy/power and I would have to agree because its much easier to control ur RPM with manual tranny.

People in Europe drive alot more fluidly, that is a result of having a manual tranny in most cars.
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