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e39 530 sport - Need new shocks/struts - recommendations

whats up guys, ive had my car, 2002 e39 530 MSport for 6 yrs now since 04. My car has 170K, im guessing its time.
I feel my shocks are toast, very stiff on bumps and feels a lil loose when making turns on uneven roads. Time for new shocks/struts...any recommendations?

Few questions:
  1. I have the stock M Sports Suspension, is it I or II?
  2. What is the part number for the OEM shock/strut for the M Sport Suspension?
  3. Whats it gonna cost say if i get it installed and i provide the shocks/struts? (i go to the US alot and i can get it cheaper there)
  4. Whats it gonna cost if i get the work done at the shop and buy the shocks off them?
  5. What other parts should i replace when doing a shocks/strut replacement?

  • 2002 e39 MTECH
  • 18" AR1's
  • Magnaflow 14850
  • Tint
  • Ice - Alpine
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