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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Isn't it still the responsibility of the owner of the plate to know who was driving their car? The cops should be able to at least have a word with the dealership and get some answers -- that's unacceptable

Too bad man
The cop told me that the filed report would go to an investigator...but the investigator could only go to the dealership and inquire who had the car that night...but would have no proof other than my word against theirs. And the person driving was not the person who dented my hood, so its even more complicated...who was the friend? can you prove it? etc etc.

If it was a private plate, the cops would have headed for the owners home and either find the car and the drunken driver, or talk to the parents, and take the kid in for questioning when he arrived home.

So it seems, you can get away with this kind of crap in a dealer plated car. Harder to track in the moment something like this happens.

If the dispatcher had done her job right, the cops would have made it on the scene before the kids had left, and they would have been booked for drunk driving, damaging personal property, etc.

It really sucks because when the cops rolled in, they had received the call under a minute before they arrived....and when I told them i called half an hour ago, they looked into their system and noticed the dispatchers initial mistake.
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