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Hate to break the news to you but no one has had any luck trying to convert the Halogen lights to HID's in the E90 as you cannot get the casings apart. Your only real choice is to order a BMW set. Most guys are ordering the Euro set as it comes with clear turn signals. Huge cash to do the conversion. Check over on and you will see what I mean. Please don't force HID bulbs into your housings. You will blind everyone as there is no cut off built into the relector. Somwhere out there on the net is a great article on HID's and the truth behind all the aftermarket kits. Seems that anything past 6000 doesn't really exist. 8000k bulbs are just 6000k bulbs coated to give the colour range of what an 8000k bulb would look like. The down side is a huge reduction in light output. So much so that a stock halogen has more distance. The colour may look good but for what you are going to invest at least get a performance improvement.
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