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Originally Posted by chromius View Post
I live downtown, but I do all my car work out in Manotick. Those P codes could be a number of things, including air leaks, O2 sensors, or the MAF. But what I've found is that because it's affecting both banks of the engine, it would stand to reason that it's something common to both sides, which narrows it down to either the MAF, or a common vacume leak (CCV, or hose). A gasket leak will usually have a "hissing" noise associated with it at idle, and will affect LTFT at idle more so then off idle. With mine I knew it was my MAF, because after I got those codes, I cleaned the MAF and compared readings. The CEL didn't come back, and the LTFT readings got better. They still wern't perfect though because it was still getting a LTFT of 16%. A new MAF is only $150 so I just decided to replace it anyway, and it brought my LTFT down to a near perfect 0.7%.
OK, what is LTFT? Light throttle fuel trim? Just let me know when you want to do this, and I will meet you with MAF cleaner in hand.

As a side note wrt the link I posted, I changed one of the plugs at the end of a vacuum tee at the front of the engine and the idle improved immediately.
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