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Thanks for your reply.

This is the only printout that I got from the tuner . But I am certain that the results are not corrected.

Im not understanding you well cause the torque and power lines will never intersect the way I see it . The dyno run starts at just over 2000rpm where the torque is already higher than the max power And drops off to just under 120nm which is still higher than peak power. If the dyno was done in HP instead of KW then the graph might intersect somewhere near max rpm. Correct me if I am wrong.

What I also find strange is that I have 2 x 272 cams but the power drops off from 5500 - 7250 rpm - can you advise in this regard please ? Is the power drop at higher rpm normal on M42's ?
Do you think its a good idea to raise the limiter to 7500-8000rpm?
Another thing is that this is not a high compression setup .

Thanks again for your reply.
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