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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
I am stretching here a bit but if you are against the whole bill i probably wouldn't sign it, as it gives the wrong impression, since by supporting the liberal amendment you are actually supporting the bill (provided it is amended before it sees a vote).

Canada has been too cool with the internets for too long. I couldn't believe when net neutrality got status.

For those that dont know, "net neutrality" means it is ILLEGAL for your ISP to block OR THROTTLE any connection/traffic in any way at all.
Yes, I agree with you there, however, have to do something, since this bill targets everything, not just our internets. Then again, maybe we should all just get off our computers lol.

My biggest concern with this bill is a pathway to internet censorship and i think the biggest thing the internet has done for the world was to open up eyes towards so many heated world issues from both sides of the spectrum, for and against.

That, and free porn. jk
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