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Perhaps now the Union will wake up.

In response to Congress’s question,
"How are, you the union, going to help the Big Three get through 2008 and 2009 cash flow problem, for which they cannot proceed as there is no cash left to run the business?"
Union Response
.... ummmm...... ummmmmm.... ummmmm....... in 2011, when our contract comes up for renewal... we'll look into it for sure. I’m sure we can find something that works for everyone.
Did you hear us? They have no money to run the business right now, not 2011

This is why they should never have been bailed out in the first place.

Structured Bankruptcy is the only way to do this. This might give Saab a chance.
Otherwise, we’ll have a FWD Cadillac and AWD Mini Cadillac wagon..... maybe

Everyone said, The Big 3 will be back for more and more money.
Here they are again, with bigger requests!!!!

Closing plants, and forcing the UAW to cooperate worked well in the 1990’s in Indiana.
Plants were shut down and work moved to NC and NY, which created more jobs there in a friendlier union location.

Stupid Union controlled wages dropped to real values, and UAW learnt a good lesson.
Almost 18 years later, work is slowly coming back to Indiana.

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