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That was my Dad's back in the early eighties and me on the hood. It was taken in front of Christie Pits.
That car turned into this.

We dismantled the car in '89 and trucked it to the scrap yard (Starks at Old Weston Rd. and St.Clair).
That was one SAD day!
I still have the Euro tail lamps, cylinder head and carb. The engine had some work done (oversized pistons etc...and was fast in its day)
The Floor rotted out because the car was used in the winter after we bought the E12 ('80 528i) which I have now.
We have a couple of engines ( 1 L20B, 1 1.6 and another 1.6 that's been rebuilt).
The L20B was in a friend’s car that now has an SR20DET in his 510. When he had the L20B in it, he hit high 14s at Cayuga with it. We also have the BRE dual carb intakes with the Mikuni/Solex's he used at Cayuga.
His car with the SR20DET is remarkable to say the least. This 510 is faaaast!
Even though he has the Turbo motor now, he still misses the sound it used to make with the carbs and full open throttle.
Wait till he finished his wife's car...he's also putting an SR20DET in it too....can't go wrong with that...his and hers!!!

They're pretty rare now since most have rusted away so quickly due to the winter.
Apparently, there's a guy in Scarborough who is doing the same SR20DET transplant in his, but I have never seen it.
There is another mechanic who was able to find two of these motors. He bought them both because he was going to take the best out of the two to make one solid motor to put in his 510. I haven't seen this guy in awhile, so I don't know how he's coming along.

I'll have to go visit Leon at Willowdale to check out his 510.
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