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Originally Posted by 5style View Post
Eh, don't stress too much, the noise is intermitted, which means its not te turbos or the valves as those would be constant. I still say ac clutch pulley, since 99.999999% of cars turn the compressor on when you change the blower setting to window, feet and window since cold air clears condensation quicker and its dry air since the a.c. system produces dry air. Also, it sounds like its noise is consistant with the engine turning, aka, something that is belt powered, and intermittent, so that leaves Ac clutch pulley and alternator, since both don't run 24/7 but in cycles. Alternators however can be heard phasing through the radio, and otherwise are not audible even when failing.
I agree that it sounds consistant with the engine turning. It's just that it was pretty loud.... it was louder than it seems on the video... lol

Thanks for the details. I'll follow up after I meet with them next week... hopefully with the problem solved even.
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