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keep in mind bruces is like that to the magnitude it is because he is running without bottom collars on his coilovers. That is probably the most extreme you can get.... most people run like a subtle drop in the rear (ground control suggests 11.5 inchs- 12 inch from the middle rondel of your wheel to the middle of the rear fender arch.) The front you should be running 12-13inches.
This is for a proper track setup.... according to GC.

Also, if you have an e36, you can get another 2 degrees neg camber on the front by rotating the tower hats from left side to right. This will give you about 2.2 neg I think. I did it on my M3 and it works for all E36.... not sure about e46.

Also rears for e36 should run CCA (camber correction arms) Turner, AA sells them for like 250 a pair. ALthough depending on offset, if you dont have any neg camber on rear... you may rub the inner fender.

Hope this helps
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