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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
So many broke-ass dreamers out there. I didn't allow any test drives on the past few cars I've sold within my family unless I had a non-refundable deposit placed. I'd take the interested party for a short drive around the block, but no one sat behind the wheel until money had been exchanged. Interestingly enough out of the three cars I've sold online, two of the three bought them without even test driving them.
I fully understand what you are saying, no one drives the car unless I get a serious understanding of their intentions.. I have only allowed 2 test drives while I've been in the passenger seat. I'd take it out, they would bring it back. Both hopefull prospects but then one guy said he needs to ask his father for abut more money based on his budget (which he was refused) and the second gentleman I am still in contact with as we speak (we have a lot of other interests in common), he is just doing some research prior to making a decision.

FYI I had another call lastnight. No lie this is how it went:

Phone rings,

Me: hello?

Guy: you have m3?

Me: yes I do,

Guy: car is good? Mumble mumble *some other language*

Me: yes it is good?

Guy: best price is good.

Me: pardon?

Guy: lower best price.

Me: ?! What?

Guy: ok, *hangs up*

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