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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
AWD is good to the layman, who is intimidated by high powered rwd cars, but for REAL performance and or anyone interested in track days/lapping/racing, definitely RWD is the only option.
was waiting for someone to chime in, maybe there is some hope for this forum.

Lets go theoretical. Simply put lets say two cars weight exactly the same and the weight is distributed exactly the same, and their geometry and engineering is exactly the same, however, magically one is awd and one is rwd. obviously, the awd will launch quicker because it has power at 4 wheels. the awd one will be easier to drive faster by the novice driver simply due to lack of skill. put both these cars in the hands of an experienced driver and the awd will be put to shame.

It really comes down to if you want to think you know how to drive fast with driving aids and no skill in a very forgiving car, or learn to drive properly in a rwd by spinning every other corner.

I am surprised to see so many people think awd is superior to rwd in terms of cornering performance on dry pavement.
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