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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
Really? Would you like to quantify that with any facts? Not only that, you making a pretty broad statement as well. If you're talking about a 6L V8 making 400hp vs a 2L 4 cyl then maybe, but that doesn't mean the 4 cyl will not last as long. Fact is with the proper tuning and component choice the boosted motor will "live" just as long as your NA motor.

On the flip side, what about a small displacement NA motor trying to make the power of a small displacement turbo motor, which one do you think is under more strain?

Nor did I say there is anything wrong with going NA, but you right off the bat implied that numbers don't mean anything yet in real life, yet a boosted motor makes MORE usable power then an NA motor which is what you were trying to argue against in your previous posts.

Take a look at OEM's, they're all going to smaller displacement, less cylinders and turbocharging to get the same power while getting more economy (read: efficiency) then what would be possible with an NA motor.

It's pretty simple FI > NA in pretty much any case.

Seriously your saying that by adding more presure and heat your not adding strain on internal parts?

I'm not trying to knock boost, and either I,m not getting my point out in a way you understand it, or you just have you mind made up that boost is better cause thats what you like.

done properly yes a boosted car will be reliable, its all up to the internals being upgraded to match the pressure, then deal with the heat caused by putting the ait under presure, intercooler, piping turbo or SC, and what ever other verity of added systems you need to add to keep things cool.

after all is said and done you've added alot of weight to the front of your car, inturn upseting the weight balance (something BMW is good for) and then have to adjust things out by changing spring rates and what not to get your handling back. I could really piss you off and we could start to talk about the advantage of RWD vs FWD or AWD and how it affects a car in anything but a strait line!!!

Please don't add something to things I have said, I never compaired a V8 to a 4 pot, thats twisting someones words.

As for New cars going smaller dispacement and adding boost for power, everyone who has been following things knows this is only to meet goverment regualtions which are getting SO outa hand its crazy. Its costing THOUSANDS more to produce cars to meet standards just laid out for the upcoming years, and the enviroment minister is actually trying to tell people that the $5000 plus its gonna cost them to get a car that meets the standard is going to come back to them in fuel savings over 5 years? but thats another thread!

Now back to what I actully said, yes dyno numbers Do NOTshow what a car will actually do on the street/track or anything but how much power its getting to the wheels. They are a measurement of what the motor is producing and how much power loss the driveline is taking.....THATS IT

True numbers of performance come from skid pad, acceleration test, track times, all of which show how all the cars components are working to actually use what ever power your making.

you,ve got some good dyno numbers and drag slip times in your sig, but I know enough that its only reliative to showing some factors of performance.

Someone just told me the other day about his times at Mosport, he had previously been running a VW with about 8G's of properly done mods under the hood, and when he got his first BMW, a E36 328, he took off 4 seconds of his track time the first time out with a bone stock car.

I,m not trying to tell anyone not to boost a car, but like I said in mu origional post, show me the tourque, and how your using it, and getting it to actully make the car faster!!!
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