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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
What the heck are you talking about. MarkD will tune just like any other tuner does.. for what the motor needs.

The amount of TQ/HP all depends on your setup of head(s)/cam(s)/turbo/manifold(s)/exhaust, etc.

So yes, I invite you to ask MarkD what he tunes for. Because in the end the motor will dictate the amount of advance and fuel it will require and that will give you your power. Where and how the power is made in the RPM range and for how long is done by properly choosing your components and what you want to achieve.

It's funny case last year at a members meeting Mark was speaking at he said he tunes for mid range torque and not high end rpm hp which is commly used to mislead people into thinking it better cause of a bigger number. Tuning a car for mid range torque is where your gonna use it and bennifit the most.
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