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Originally Posted by black bnr32 View Post
Don't be a wiener. Look at this M30 dyno posted just today on bimmerforums:

Where's the torque drop off?

Come on name calling?

That's a decent chart. The m30 is a torque beast!! And your talking about a
motor built by Miller.

Is it boosted? Turbo or SC

Even your running a SC. I'm sure you made that choice for a
reason which is probley better torque gains over the whole rpm range

I'm not knocking boost. It's great just hp is not end all of a cars performance

you need torque, traction, and the right teeth on your gears to take full advantage of any power gained by boost

as for tuning ask Mark D what he tunes for. High end hp or mid range torque?

Let's not get into a NA against boost argument but let's talk about getting the power to the ground !!!!
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