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E46 Hamann Exhaust

Hey all,

So I have been in the market for a new exhaust on my 2003 M3 for a while. Have been thinking of a Supersprint Sport exhaust as I have a Supersprint X-pipe with Resonator. I just came across a Hamann exhaust which from all accounts was made by Supersprint and is a very similar build quality but I can't seem to get a consistent word on whether is more closely resembles the sound of the SS Sport or the SS street.

I've heard both the Sport and the Street and the Sport definitely is more the sound I would prefer. The problem is I have never seen a sport for sale locally and to buy one online will cost me upwards of 2 grand US. Has anyone heard the Hamann and can they give any sort of input on how it sounds? I just want something deep and throaty at higher revs but not stupid loud at lower revs and no drone.

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