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Originally Posted by chinnersE34 View Post
Hi Guys,

New to the forum here. I just inherited a black 1991 BMW M5 (e34) with 105,000 km on it. I need to know how much it would be worth on the open market. Can anyone help me out? It's in very good condition, just had the brakes serviced, rear struts replaced, new tires, passed emissions and safety test. Also never driven in the winter.

Any guidance you can provide is very much appreciated.

I'll give you $3000 today. It's an old POS model, not very popular, I'll take it off your hands.

Originally Posted by hockeyfan27 View Post
Post up some pictures for our enjoyment and also to help other who are better informed than myself lend an opinion to your car's value.

As a point of reference, I came across this today.
that one is seriously mint. Normal price range is $6000-20000, with 3.8l ones at the top. Nurburgringfahrwerkpaket ones are higher still.
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