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Everyone seems to say their E39 is a money pit. This is probably going to be true then, but I don't know over what period of time they become money pits.

I only want to hold on to the car for 1-2 years as I'll probably be leaving the country after university to pursue a job in the valley.

The 540i I've been looking at has had the following work done:
-Water pump replaced < 2 years, ago w/ all belts+tensioners.
-Rear bushings, rear RH LCA bushing replaced, rear shocks and rear wheel bearings replaced within the last 2 years.
-New radiator (did the old one get smashed in? dying motor mount? hmm?)

Car currently only needs new ABS sensor & O2 sensor it seems. Body is in good shape (rust chip on back trunk lip) w/ no frame rail rust. 235000k on it. It's a 6 speed.

Price is in the 3k region. Sounds like a steal but with the way you guys are talking about the e39, I'm very worried that the first trip to a shop to get a safety is going to run me a bill of 1.5k or more. I'd have to get it inspected before the purcahse, for sure. I made the mistake of not doing that when I bought my E36.
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