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Originally Posted by Euro_7 View Post
it was also "wild" when we discovered the expenditure of energy from fission and fusion, and if you know what I'm talking about then you know about the even more wild things scientists did before that led to fusion.

I think if any destruction will ever take place it won't be when it goes online, but somewhere down the line. Thats because in order for the LHC to succeed in it's purpose it needs to run for more than a day or week
Your right currently the LHC will be started with power equivalent or slightly less than that of the Fermilab colider in the States. The whole ramp up progress from 3KeV to 14KeV is expected to take almost a year.

To comment on that article, All its really saying is that reality is only what we can see, technically if we can't prove something is there then its not. (ie if i dont see it it does not exist to me, equalivant to If I can t see it its not illegal or the riddle of the tree falling in the woods and no one is around to hear the sound.) But by his(Steven Hawkings) own admission the universe tends to plays out in some form of template. So the future is not really predicting the past but meerly mimicing the similar outcome because you are still the same person.
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